Biome by Ryan Galloway

Biome by Ryan GallowayBiome by Ryan Galloway
Published by Self Pub on 11th October 2016
Genres: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Format: eARC
Source: The Author

Inside the gleaming domes of Mars Colony One, seventeen-year-old Lizzy Engram and her fellow cadets work to make the Red Planet habitable.

And every Sunday night, the doctors erase their memories.

Week by week the procedure is carried out. Until one morning, Lizzy wakes with all of the missing memories inside her head. And not just her own, but the memories of every cadet on the planet—from the boy who falls in love with her every week, to the girl who wants to ruin her life, to the cadets who have simply disappeared.

Now balancing the desires, fears, ideas, and secrets of the entire colony, Lizzy has six days to figure out what the doctors are hiding—and why—or she’ll lose more than her memories.


I adore watching sci-fi movies especially anything to do with the colonization of space so when I read the blurb for Biome, it reminded me of my obsession not too long ago with YA dystopian/science fiction and I thought it would be fun to go back and revisit those days and Biome certainly fit the bill.

Set in a colony on Mars, Biome follows the exploits of teenage cadets, selected to help create and prepare a new world on the Red Planet for their families left back on Earth. One day, a cadet named Lizzy wakes up with a splitting headache and something else to concern her – a whole bucket load of memories she has no recollection of ever possessing that tell her that life on Mars mightn’t be as authentic as she once thought. Add to that, it’s not only her regained memories swirling around her consciousness but the memories of her fellow cadets. Something sinister is going on in Mars Colony One and it’s a race against time for Lizzy and her friends to figure out why the people entrusted with their care are erasing their memories and how to stop it from happening again.

Biome certainly charges at break-neck speed which works for this type of plot as Lizzy plays a game of cat and mouse with the colony doctors and recruits her friends to help her figure out the sinister reasons behind her new memory upgrade. I liked Lizzy as a character, she is resourceful and brace although at times a little too impulsive and reckless but overall I enjoyed getting to know her. Likewise, the secondary characters intrigued me, in particular Terra and Noah, I enjoyed getting to know their back-stories and found their support of Lizzy heartening to read. Galloway writes realistic teen friendships; chock full of heightened emotions, irrational behaviour and undying loyalty. There is also romance, a love triangle of sorts which frustrated me no end at first as it didn’t ring true for me however as Lizzy’s memories were unveiled gradually, the emotive reactions began to feel more authentic and by the end of the book, my heart-strings were most certainly pulled.

The world-building in this book was certainly one of the strongest aspects and I really liked the world Galloway created. The detail was well thought out and researched and it was easy to imagine the structure and landscape of the colony without the plot getting bogged down by too many explanations.

Overall, Biome is a creative, realistic and entertaining portrayal of life on Mars, with well developed characters, plenty of intrigue and drama not to mention a truly chilling ending, if sci-fi is your thing, add Biome to your TBR!


4 thoughts on “Biome by Ryan Galloway

  1. Nick

    Oh I hadn’t heard of this one before, but I’m always up for a good sci fi story. This sounds like fun and I usually enjoy the fast pace of these kinds of books too. But urgh, love triangle! I’m glad you enjoyed this one!

    1. Danielle

      Yeah the love triangle was pretty lame but apart from that it was refreshing to read something that was sci-fi but realistic if you know what I mean?!

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