When the Final Book Disappoints // The Countdown by Kimberly Derting

I received this book for free from The Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

When the Final Book Disappoints // The Countdown by Kimberly DertingThe Countdown by Kimberly Derting
Series: The Taking #3
Published by HarperAudio on May 10th, 2016
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult
Format: Audiobook
Source: The Publisher

She may no longer be human…but she’s their only hope.

In the concluding book in the otherworldly Taking trilogy, Kyra struggles to understand who she is as she races to save the world from complete destruction.

Ever since Kyra was abducted by aliens and then returned to earth, she has known there was something different about her. Now she knows the truth: she is an alien too. Her alien captors replaced all her human DNA with their own—gifting her with supernatural powers like incredible healing, enhanced eyesight, and telekinesis. But when she’s captured by an unexpected enemy, Kyra begins to wonder if her abilities are also a curse. And is she, as her enemies believe, meant to play some key role in helping an impending alien invasion? Is it programmed into her, something inescapable? Or can she fight that destiny?

No matter what the truth is, Kyra is sure of one thing: She just rescued the love of her life, Tyler, and she is not going to stand by and let anyone hurt him or her friends. Whatever it takes, Kyra will do everything in her power to save the world…even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.

My Thoughts:

As a follower of the series from the beginning, I’ve been anticipating the final book in the series. I wanted to know EVERYTHING, even though this isn’t one of my favorite series out there. Surprising enough, I didn’t hear much about the publication of The Countdown. Never the less, I started immediately after receiving my copy for review.

There were some details that I felt I missed or forgot. Luckily, the summarization, in the beginning, was nice to have. It caught me up on the things missed and I’m glad for it. However, because of it, it took awhile for things to really pick up and get going.

The Countdown, having its fair share of action, was very romance driven as a whole. Tyler’s lack of memory, the angst, and Simon’s advances continued. We even get their POV, which threw me greatly. However much I didn’t care for it, I did think it was necessary since there were parts of the book where Kyra was absent, and pieces were moving outside of the scope where she was. In conjunction with that, there was only one narrator, a female, and it’s a small peeve of mine to have one narrator for several POVs.

Kyra herself has only had little character growth over the course of the series. I felt like she was still that immature girl from The Taking. There were situations that presented themselves in which Kyra had to make some tough decisions and do some a few things that some would consider extreme. I don’t think she ever dealt with it. It just WAS. View Spoiler » I felt for her, though, especially in the end when more secrets are revealed.

As for the war part – I felt like none of it made sense. The explanations on why the M’alue (not sure I am spelling that right!) continued taking humans, and how/why they would stop just didn’t add up, thus creating a level of disconnect. And the ending? What?? View Spoiler »

The Narration

Tavia Gilbert is the only narrator for The Countdown. She’s rather popular; seeing all the books on audible that she has narrated. The Countdown was the first book narrated by Tavia that I have listened to, and I thought she did a fantastic job as Kyra. Even as the other POVs within the story. She does remarkably well with the emotions behind Kyra’s voice.

I thought the twists throughout the series were amazing! I’ve always been a fan of Kimberly’s writing. You never know what’s going to happen in ANY of Kimberly’s books, but especially in this series. You suspect things about all the characters, and you truly never know when something will take a drastic turn!

All in all – I thought this series ender was only okay. The conclusion to the series was rather lackluster (and confusing), and there were a few things I would have liked answered. Still, I recommend reading it if you have invested in this series from the beginning.




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3 thoughts on “When the Final Book Disappoints // The Countdown by Kimberly Derting

  1. Joy // Joyousreads

    I wasn’t all that interested in The Taking, to be honest. I wasn’t in the mood for it when it came out (still not into it, apparently). I would probably feel the same way about the choice she had to make and feel for her burden.

  2. Ang

    I liked parts of the action aspects of the story but the romantic aspects killed the book for me. I felt like she should have changed so much after everything that happened but she never did. *spoilers* the fact that she still chose Tyler after he judged her for killing her best friend and those people really annoyed me. she was being tortured and she was forced to kill those people to get away. She should have already been a little messed up from killing those people but having the guy you’re in love with judge you for it too would probably screw you up as well. I liked Simon more than Tyler because I felt like he caused more character development for kyra. The ending of the book was super anticlimactic for me. Sorry if I included too many spoilers

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