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Middle Grade Madness will be a new feature here at Lilybloombooks, that showcases Middle Grade books! Reviews, Interviews, Guest posts and Giveaways. Join the Madness!


Hey hey!

As an avid reader, I was never big on reading middle grade. I went straight from Goosebumbs (not sure that counts, but hey) to young adult and never looked back. There isn’t one specific reason I can think of that I haven’t read more of them – maybe as an adult, it was hard for me to really get into them? But up until…. well, I started blogging 3 years ago, I didn’t read much of them at all. I have been slowly adding them into my TBR stacks and falling in love with them has been fun!

This also comes from a mom who has middle grade aged kiddos – so it opens up a lot for us to do and talk about. If I don’t read books in the genre, how can i find book they’ll love!? Not to mention, a few teachers have approached me and asked what books they should add to their classroom library, and I freeze because *most* books I read are adult and young adult; too mature for the readers they’re asking about. I felt like I was disappointing them!

So in an effort to showcase more middle grade – and sometimes other children’s books – I have created Middle Grade Madness! Posts will consist of reviews, promos, guest posts, interviews and giveaways too! I will be creating a linky, so others are able to share their middle grade/children’s book reviews and/or other posts, but I haven’t figured out HOW I want to do it yet! Stay tuned!

I am so excited to bring YOU some awesome children’s and middle grade content and I hope you are too!



4 thoughts on “Introducing | Middle Grade Madness

  1. irena_bookdustmagic

    Hey! I like this new feature. I always loved to read middle grade from time to time, but for the last couple of years I didn’t read as much, since I started to read ya and complitely fell in love with it, I somehow replaced my middle grade reads with ya.
    There’s just so many beautiful covers in MG genre that are just calling me, I want to read more of that genre again.

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