Random Rants and Rambling #35 | Do You Subscribe to Author Newsletters?

Hello, hello!

It’s been a few weeks since I have posted ANY discussion posts! Time, is the main issue but since I have been absent from the Community lately, I don’t feel as if I know what’s going on — thus, I don’t have anything to talk about.

So, as I mentioned with time, I haven’t been checking my blog email accounts as often as I use to. And I’ve noticed that I’ve had a HUGE influx of author newsletters, day after day after day.¬†Granted, I have always known them to be there, since duh, I subscribed. But since I am not checking my email daily, I feel like things are getting cluttered and clogged and I am deleting SO much without even opening.

If I am deleting so many, why am I still subscribed? No idea.

Why did I subscribe in the first place? No idea.

There are a few authors whose newsletters I lOVE to read and would NEVER unsubscribe. But the others? I am not sure WHAT to do, because I am not reading them.. Yet, there might be something I would miss? I DON’T EVEN KNOW.

Tell Me Your Thoughts

  • Do you subscribe to author newsletters? Why or why not?
  • Do you find that authors hold special announcements and/or contests in them?


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9 thoughts on “Random Rants and Rambling #35 | Do You Subscribe to Author Newsletters?

  1. Lola

    I am subscribed to quite some author newsletter, not even sure how many exactly. Most of those who only e-mail when they have a new release or special sale or giveaway, so my e-mail doesn’t get cluttered. Then again I do check my e-mail every day, so that also helps.

    I think most authors do newsletters right and don’t spam you, but I’ve also had some newsletter that got send out too often or when later I suddenly wondered why I signed-up for it. i sign-up for newsletters for my favourite authors and for other authors when I want to keep up to date about their new releases.

  2. Christy

    This is a good discussion post since I’m dealing with an issue now. I only subscribe to 2 newsletters and they don’t send them out often. I just discovered today that a some publicity/authors put it in the terms and agreements that when you enter their giveaway, you agree to receive newsletters. I received one from an author about a month ago and unsubscribed. indicating that I never subscribed in the first place. Then I received another one today from the same author. I did some digging and checking around … I entered a giveaway in June for the author and in the terms it says I agree to receive newsletters from Barclay Publicity and their clients. How lame is that? So I unsubscribed AGAIN and won’t be entering any giveaways associated with them. And I’ll definitely look for those types of terms in the future. Unwanted newsletters are just annoying.

    1. tonyalee

      I never realized people sneak those in the terms and conditions but it’s legal. Which is why I always read them lol I’m paranoid about all that. I wonder if that’s why I am getting some newsletters I don’t remember signing up for…. Hm.

  3. Trish @ Between My Lines

    I haven’t subscribed to any author newsletters but that doesn’t mean I don’t get any. It annoys me when I do as honestly it’s just not something I’m interested in. So I hit that unsubscribe button immediately. That has only happened a few times though, a much bigger problem for me is being added to blog tour newsletters that I never signed up for either. Again I just unsubscribe. I have about 3 companies that I know I agreed to sign up to but not any of the others. Some of whom I never even heard of.
    It’s hard enough to stay on top of the email I want to get without adding a lot of rubbish on top of that.

  4. Wendy @ Book Scents

    I’m not subscribed to many at all. No reason in particular. But recently I subscribed to one because i LOVE her and had a favorite series by her… but now that the love is sort of broken… I got her newsletter and I was like meh… hahah. But I haven’t unsubscribed because I’m like, well i still LIKE her. and what if i miss something. lol. it’s a conundrum.

  5. Annie

    I am very selective in the author newsletters I subscribe to for much the same reason. There are authors I’m definitely interested in reading about and want to know what’s going on with them. But even then, sometimes it’s weeks before I get around to opening their newsletters because there’s so many other priorities.

    I”m curious which authors you’re remaining subscribed to. Susan Dennard has one of my favorite author newsletters.

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