Review | For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund

Review | For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana PeterfreundFor Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund
Published by Balzer + Bray on June 12th 2012
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult
Pages: 402
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library

It's been several generations since a genetic experiment gone wrong caused the Reduction, decimating humanity and giving rise to a Luddite nobility who outlawed most technology.

Elliot North has always known her place in this world. Four years ago Elliot refused to run away with her childhood sweetheart, the servant Kai, choosing duty to her family's estate over love. Since then the world has changed: a new class of Post-Reductionists is jumpstarting the wheel of progress, and Elliot's estate is foundering, forcing her to rent land to the mysterious Cloud Fleet, a group of shipbuilders that includes renowned explorer Captain Malakai Wentforth--an almost unrecognizable Kai. And while Elliot wonders if this could be their second chance, Kai seems determined to show Elliot exactly what she gave up when she let him go.

But Elliot soon discovers her old friend carries a secret--one that could change their society . . . or bring it to its knees. And again, she's faced with a choice: cling to what she's been raised to believe, or cast her lot with the only boy she's ever loved, even if she's lost him forever.

Inspired by Jane Austen's persuasion, For Darkness Shows the Stars is a breathtaking romance about opening your mind to the future and your heart to the one person you know can break it.


Sadly Friends, I didn’t finish this. Hence the 1 star.

Generally, I wouldn’t write a review for a 1 star/DNF book. And since I didn’t make it that far before calling it quits, I don’t have much to base my review on. BUT. I read enough. As intriguing as the book sounds (and possibly is as a WHOLE) my issues were too great for me to overcome, and ultimately kept me from finishing this. I actually haven’t read Persuasion (which apparently inspired the story), so I didn’t even know what to base this book off of. I had a case of “Ooh, that’s pretty. What’s it about?” (Don’t judge me) 

I liked the letters between Elliot and Kai. It’s a very fascinating way to show the relationship between two characters and how their friendship/relationship became to be. Anyway, right off we are introduced to the “people” of the book. Luddites, Post, Reduced, CORs. At first, there was no explanation of who these people were. There was some elaboration soon after but I had that feeling right off the bat that I was MISSING something. The initial back story of the Reduction was interesting. BUT; As the explanation goes into more depth is where I started to have issues.

Nothing against religion, to each his own, but I could not FATHOM why it was necessary to have that sort of.. belief. (Trying to express what I feel about this is hard, please excuse) It doesn’t sit right with me, for personal reasons and since this is supposed to be in a futuristic setting. Why the Luddites believe the Reduction happened made my stomach turn. Seriously. I almost set the book down right then. And I think that’s what kept me from really getting into the book further. Not that the protagonist seemed to feel that way, on the contrary, Elliot seemed to have a beautiful relationship with a Reduced, Ro, and she was actually trying to help the people in her estate. 

The dialogue was.. off? Maybe this is because it was based on Jane Austen’s novel, Persuasion; I felt like we were in the 1800’s vs the future. Something minor, mind you, and it probably wouldn’t have even bothered me at all had I not already been put off by the book as it was.

I didn’t make it very far, less than 100 pages. Maybe I quit too soon. Maybe it was really good and I am missing out. Maybe what happened during the Reduction was explained further and their beliefs were needed for the story. Maybe I’m completely off base. I don’t know. I just know that what I read was something I could not get over and easily finish the book.

Overall- I can’t recommend this to anyone- nor could I dissuade you from reading it. Like I said, others may find this book great, and completely disagree with me. This was just not for me.

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  1. Alise @ Readers In Wonderland

    Wow! I am really surprised! I like Diana Peterfreund so I was expecting a good one. Sounds like the religion was an issue for you, I had the same problem with Level 2, so I can understand. It’s just not appealing to read about that sort of thing, especially when it may be a significant chunk of the story.

    1. tonyalee

      I agree, it isn’t something that I want to read about, especially that heavy.

      I haven’t read anything by her before, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. Normally, it wouldn’t bother me. There are a lot of novels out there with an underlining issue to it. But this one.. I don’t know.. It’s hard to explain EXACTLY without actually mentioning what was said. And honestly, it might not have been as significant as I felt it was going to be- it just seemed at the time it was headed that way. I just couldn’t get over it.

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