Review~ Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead

Review~ Indigo Spell by Richelle MeadThe Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead
Series: Bloodlines #3
Published by Razorbill on February 12th 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 401
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library
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In the aftermath of a forbidden moment that rocked Sydney to her core, she finds herself struggling to draw the line between her Alchemist teachings and what her heart is urging her to do. Then she meets alluring, rebellious Marcus Finch--a former Alchemist who escaped against all odds, and is now on the run. Marcus wants to teach Sydney the secrets he claims the Alchemists are hiding from her. But as he pushes her to rebel against the people who raised her, Sydney finds that breaking free is harder than she thought. There is an old and mysterious magic rooted deeply within her. And as she searches for an evil magic user targeting powerful young witches, she realizes that her only hope is to embrace her magical blood--or else she might be next.

Populated with new faces as well as familiar ones, the Bloodlines series explores all the friendship, romance, battles, and betrayals that made the #1 New York Times bestselling Vampire Academy series so addictive—this time in a part-vampire, part-human setting where the stakes are even higher and everyone’s out for blood."


I’m pretty much a fan of anything that Richelle Mead writes. Both the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series are so unique, fun and full of awesome characters, it’s not surprising that they are on a lot of people’s favorites.. With all the hype surrounding this one, I do what I usually do and wait a little bit for the dust to settle before diving in. And this is a great addition to the series.

In all honesty–as great as it was, this book falls under into what I call, Middle Book Syndrome–even though it was the third. There is a lot going on, plot wise, but to me– I thought both were anti climatic and boring. Mead is branching out and continuously adds new “people” to the mix. First the Warriors of Light. Then the witches. Now Marcus “Merry Men”. It’s all fun and I love learning about all these new things that Mead throws in. But I found this one seriously lacking. It was go-go-go from the start, with non stop revelations and action, it just seems it’s ALL a set up to further the series.

That’s not to say that this one isn’t good, because it is. What I really enjoyed most was Sydney and her character growth. She has grown TREMENDOUSLY since first seeing her way back in Vampire Academy novels. In each installment, we see more and more from her but in this one, she is really HERSELF. I love that she is coming into her own, thinking for herself and FINALLY dealing with her feelings. She is one of the most selfless protagonist that I have read and it shows all the time. She can be bitter about it, shit who wouldn’t?– having to always put everyone else before you. But regardless, she will continue to do it because she is THAT awesome.

Of course, I have to make an honorable mention about Adrian. I love these two! (AND just for the record, I REFUSE the to call them Sadrian *eye roll*) I’ve always been a fan of his and I have been hoping he’d get his own HEA. He really cares for Sydney, more than he did Rose. He didn’t push her, and was willing to step aside if that is what she really wanted. Their interactions are always so sweet and steamy! As for everyone else, they didn’t play that huge a role as they have previously. They’re there, but for once this is ALL Sydney.

Now about this Marcus guy– am I the only one that thought his presence was… slim? I don’t know, I just feel that all this hype and talk about him before the book was released had me assuming he was going to play a LARGER role. Maybe I was just so hung up on Sydney and the “witch” thing, but I was expecting MORE from him.

Overall~ I really enjoyed this! Although this isn’t my favorite in the series, it’s still a good read and great addition to the series!


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0 thoughts on “Review~ Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead

  1. coffeeshopreader

    I completely agree-the Marcus scenario was very anticlimactic. I loved this book, although I know I only loved it for its character development. That said, many middle books see a slowing of action while allowing the character to overcome their inner struggles and prepare for what comes next. I definitely think that Mead has a few things up her sleeve for the next few books in Bloodlines!

    Loved your review!!

  2. Danielle

    I was just going to quack at you 😉 lol yeah I don’t know why Marcus even made it on to the cover. Very strange. There was a lot of padding in this. I don’t know if its because its now a six book series and think it was originally a trilogy. I did love the romance. SYDRIAN FTW! Quack! 😛

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