Review | The Clouded Sky by Megan Crewe

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Review | The Clouded Sky by Megan CreweThe Clouded Sky by Megan Crewe
Series: Earth & Sky #2
Published by Skyscape on May 5th, 2015
Genres: Romance, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Young Adult
Pages: 354
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When seventeen-year-old Skylar escapes the time-bending Enforcers who secretly control Earth, her troubles have just begun. She and her friend Win take refuge on Win’s home space station with his fellow rebels, but the fate of Skylar’s planet still spins out of her control.

To avoid detection, Skylar poses as the Earthling “pet” of Win’s rival, an arrogant boy named Jule. Homesick and faced with a cool reception from the other rebels, she throws herself into the group’s mission: assembling a weapon to disable Earth’s restrictive time field. Gradually, Skylar’s skill for detail gains respect—even from Jule, who is more vulnerable than he lets on.

Yet challenges spring from every side. Not only must Sky navigate the muddy waters of romance, but suspicions of betrayal grow among the rebels as their work narrowly misses sabotage.

In the latest in Megan Crewe’s Earth & Sky series, can Skylar expose the traitor before time runs out and Earth is destroyed?

My Take:

I really, really enjoyed the first book in the series, Earth & Sky, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Clouded Sky. The concept behind the series is quite fascinating, and I love learning more and more about both worlds and new characters.

The Clouded Sky starts off right were we left at the end of Earth & Sky. Skylar and Win have joined the remaining rebels (and the rest of the Kemyates) on their space station, and now they must look for a new threat within their ranks. During this time, Skylar learns a lot about the Kemyates their true thoughts about Earth and humans and just how far they will, and do, go for self-preservation.

What Worked

  • I loved getting to know more about the Kemyates. I have been curious about their motives since the beginning. And trust me, we learn a lot. This is not the best group of Aliens on a good day, and a lot of the things they did were horrible.
  • The new cast of characters. I loved them. Some of them we met in the first book, aka Jule, but the rest? New and I loved.
  • The plot twists. One, I saw coming. I thought the trader was obvious but…. View Spoiler »
  • Skylar. I have to give it to this girl, she can hold it together in the worst of circumstances. While there were times i thought a few things she did were WAY TOO CONVENIENT to get things moving, I was able to kind of stick that to the side.. She is smart, resource full and strong.
  • That ending though. HOLY BATMAN. It was a doozy!

What Didn’t Work

  • The romance. What I loved about the first book is that while there was a hint at a romance, it didn’t consume the plot and left us to focus on I don’t know, SAVING EARTH. In The Clouded Sky, there is a romance. The problem with it is that I LOVE these two! View Spoiler » This will definitely have its repercussion in the 3rd and final book, A Sky Unbroken.
  • The pacing. This is more than likely a personal thing, but I thought the book was slow. It takes a long time for things to really pick up.
  • There are still some holes. I mentioned above that we learn more about the Kemyates. But I feel like there is something missing. Yes, we learn about their motives but I don’t understand WHY. It could be because I am a little slow on the uptake – but there are still some things left unexplained that is driving me INSANE.

Overall – I liked The Clouded Sky. I adore Skylar, the new cast of characters and the world is fascinating. After the ending, I am looking forward to the final book in the series.



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Tell me your thoughts

  • Have you read any books in this series? If so, what are you thoughts so far?
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6 thoughts on “Review | The Clouded Sky by Megan Crewe

  1. Jamie @ Books and Ladders

    I have read all of these books and honestly, this was the best one. The last one has dual POV and I was not a fan of Win’s perspective. It is still a good read but it felt like a let down after this book. Maybe that’s just cause I really loved Jule though.

    1. tonyalee

      I didn’t know we got an added POV – that’s frustrating to add on the last book!

      And it’s not that I wasn’t s Jule fan, I just lacked the lack of romance before, ya know? I’m curious how it’ll all play out! I’m happy you enjoyed the series though!

  2. Silvara

    I liked the first book, but didn’t care much for the 2nd one. I had a few issues with the first book, but liked it over-all. The 2nd one on the other hand pretty much turned me off reading the final book. I mean, with that ending especially? I felt like I’d fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole! *laughs* Which while sometimes is fun, I just couldn’t imagine liking the third book with the ending we got in book 2.

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