Review~ The Storyteller by Antonia Michaelis

Review~ The Storyteller by Antonia MichaelisThe Storyteller by Antonia Michaelis
on January 1st 201
Genres: Mystery/Thriller, Realistic Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 402
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library
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A good girl.

A bad boy.

A fairy tale that's true.

A truth that is no fairy tale.

It begins the day Anna finds the child's doll on the floor of the student lounge. When it's claimed by Abel, the school drug dealer, Anna becomes determined to learn more about this mysterious boy with the military haircut and deep blue eyes. She follows him after school and discovers a secret: Abel is caring for his six-year-old sister, Micha, alone. Anna listens in as he tells her a fairy tale, the story of a little orphan queen pursued by hunters across the oceans for the treasure she carries: her pure, diamond heart. 

It's a story with parallels to reality. Social services and Micha's abusive father could take her from Abel if they discover the truth.

Despite friend's warnings, Anna is drawn to Abel and Micha, and falls under the spell of the story of the little queen and her desperate voyage.

But when people Abel has woven into his tale turns up dead, it's Anna whose heart is in danger. Is she in love with a killer? And has she set out on a journey from which there is no return?


I have no words.

This book was not on my radar. At all. I saw it at the library, was intrigued, so I took it home. I’m not gonna lie; there were several times when I almost called it quits. I don’t even know why I continued. I just did. A part of me is glad I finished; because this wasn’t AT ALL what I was expecting. And the other part wishes I didn’t. This book has scarred me.

This is not a feel good book. This is not a bad boy meets good girl abunchofshithappensinbeween then HEA (as I like to call it). This book is dark. It’s disturbing. It touches on A LOT of things that make most people uncomfortable. It makes you question what is RIGHT and what is WRONG. It’s REAL. It’ll mess with your head. Tears you apart and leave you standing on a precipice.

There writing has a very lyrical tone to it. It reminded me a lot of Nevermore and Wake at the same time, for different reasons. Not for its content, because those two have NOTHING in common with this book, save for its beautiful yet confusing prose. It’s beautiful but hard to follow at times. I really loved how the Fairy Tale and reality were in parallel with each other. I was constantly trying to figure out who was who and what was going to happen next. It weaved together so beautifully.

It’s really difficult to get into details about this one. There is so much to explain. SO much to discuss. But. I can’t. It’s just something you have to experience on your own.

Overall- Although it’s hard to digest and hard to think about, this book was good. The writing is beautiful. The story is original. But what stands out the most is that it feels TOO REAL. I can’t really recommend this book but I can’t dissuade anyone either. Just enter at your own risk. You have been warned.


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0 thoughts on “Review~ The Storyteller by Antonia Michaelis

  1. Danielle

    Okay…I think this needs to go on the TBR!! It sounds really creepy yet emotional. I’m intrigued…

  2. forestofthedead

    I agree with everything you wrote. I loved reading this book, but it’s so strange and I don’t know if I could read it again (now that I know how It ends).

  3. readerswonderland

    I just found out about this one a few days ago and my reaction was pretty similar to yours. I haven’t read it yet but it makes me kind of iffy that there were parts where you wanted to put it down. I know you said you were glad you continued but I’m not sure I have the patience 😛 Great review!

    1. tonyalee

      It was real slow and weird at first. I only continued because of the “Fairy Tale” that was IN the story. But once things started to go down… Yikes. This isn’t for everyone, so use caution if you read it 🙂

      And thanks!

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