Strange but Awesome // Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies by Lindsay Ribar

Strange but Awesome // Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies by Lindsay RibarRocks Fall, Everyone Dies by Lindsay Ribar
on June 7th 2016
Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal
Format: eBook
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Twin Peaks meets Stars Hollow in this paranormal suspense novel about a boy who can reach inside people and steal their innermost things—fears, memories, scars, even love—and his family’s secret ritual that for centuries has kept the cliff above their small town from collapsing.

Aspen Quick has never really worried about how he’s affecting people when he steals from them. But this summer he’ll discover just how strong the Quick family magic is—and how far they’ll go to keep their secrets safe.

With a smart, arrogant protagonist, a sinister family tradition, and an ending you won’t see coming, this is a fast-paced, twisty story about power, addiction, and deciding what kind of person you want to be, in a family that has the ability to control everything you are.

This was a very strange and quirky little book. In a very unique way Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies deals with family, friendship, choosing your own path in life and empathy. However, I wouldn’t call it paranormal. It feels more like magical realism to me. That’s a genre I don’t read a lot of and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. And because a quirky book like this deserves more than a normal review, here are 4 reasons you should read it too!

The story is unique and unlike anything I’ve read before. This can be good or bad, depending on your own tastes. Some people are going to read this and hate it and I’d completely understand. But if anything I’m saying in this review makes you want to read it, please do. Because it was so much fun to see this story unfold and learn the mysteries of Three Peaks and the Quick family.

The magic was just as unique as the story. The Quick family can steal things from people. Emotions, personality traits, scars, memories,… They “reach” inside and take them away. This magic of theirs could easily be cliche or too difficult to understand but it was neither. It was unique and very believable. It’s easy to understand and at first you can see the benefits of having abilities like that. But as the story unfolds, you learn the negative side effects it has. And I really liked that.

The writing was excellent and gave a pitch-perfect atmosphere. The writing hooked me from page one and I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved how the author slowly showed us Aspen’s story, never revealing too much. The atmosphere constantly went back and forth between creepy, mysterious & magical and often was a mix of that. And I loved the hopeful note it ended on.

The main character Aspen is the star of the show. However good the story & the writing are, how much you will end up liking this story depends on how you like Aspen. He starts out as… well, as an asshole. But strangely enough, I loved him from the start. And as the story goes on, you learn why he who he is. And he does change by the end of it all. As he learns the mystery of Three Peaks and the truth behind their powers, he becomes a better person. And you really feel for him. Or at least I did.

Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies is a strange but awesome book. It’s not for everyone, but I encourage you to try it out. The story unfolds like a map and you have to read the whole book to get the whole picture. And for me personally, it was absolutely worth it.

5 thoughts on “Strange but Awesome // Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies by Lindsay Ribar

  1. Eva @ All Books Considered

    Great review! I’ve been intrigued by this one since I saw the title and the cover — now I’ve seen some really good reviews of it and I can’t wait to read it! Glad you enjoyed this — the story and MC sound great!!

  2. Valerie

    This definitely sounds very strange, but also MY TYPE OF BOOK. I really want to read more magical realism, so I love that the family can steal anything (even emotions???? wow) from others. This sounds so unique compared to some other books I’ve read!

    Awesome review Bee! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Katiria Rodriguez

    Ohh great review this one looks and sounds absolutely amazing I am very intrigued about it after reading your review. Thank you for your awesome post.

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