High Stakes Fantasy Full of Magic & Intrigue // The Cursed Queen by Sarah Fine

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High Stakes Fantasy Full of Magic & Intrigue // The Cursed Queen by Sarah FineThe Cursed Queen by Sarah Fine
Series: The Impostor Queen #2
Published by Margaret K. McElderry Books Genres: Fantasy, LGBTQIA, Young Adult
Format: ARC
Source: The Publisher
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Ansa has always been a fighter.

As a child, she fought the invaders who murdered her parents and snatched her as a raid prize. She fought for her place next to Thyra, the daughter of the Krigere Chieftain. She fought for her status as a warrior in her tribe: blood and victory are her way of life. But the day her Krigere cross the great lake and threaten the witch queen of the Kupari, everything changes.

Cursed by the queen with fire and ice, Ansa is forced to fight against an invisible enemy—the dark magic that has embedded itself deep in her bones. The more she seeks to hide it, the more dangerous it becomes. And with the Krigere numbers decimated and the tribe under threat from the traitorous brother of the dead Chieftain, Ansa is torn between her loyalty to the Krigere, her love for Thyra, and her own survival instincts.

With her world in chaos and each side wanting to claim her for their own, only one thing is certain: unless Ansa can control the terrible magic inside her, everything she’s fought for will be destroyed.

My Thoughts:

If you visit Lilybloombooks often, you’d know that Sarah Fine is my favorite author. I love her writing, the world’s that she creates, and of course all her character’s as well. And I was beyond excited to continue the series and immerse myself back into this fascinating world.

Honestly, I was nervous when I found out that this isn’t a sequel to Elli’s story, but rather a companion story following a new set of characters. The story does run parallel to the events in The Impostor Queen, following the true Valtia, Ansa. I actually loved that we got to see the other side of things, even if at first some of the details were fuzzy.

Ansa’s characters is a LOT different from Elli, and it would be best not to compare the two at all; which is admittedly, no easy feat. Ansa is a hard character to connect to, and even like. Yet, her actions, and reactions, to a lot were actually pretty understandable, even predictable, when you think about it and put yourself in her situation. Her world was turned upside down, ten fold, and she was scared. Very scared. But more to that, she’s very selfish, brutal and hot-headed. At the core though, she just wants to belong. So while there are so many things not to like about her decision-making, and the things she did, I get it. That being said, there isn’t a whole lot of growth in her character though, which I would hope will come in the next book.

The romance guys. The romance gave me life. The simplest way to explain it is complicated, hot, and so, so swoony. I admired both for the things they were going through, and had gone through, and even how they communicated. Both of them are stubborn and want to protect the other, and that got in the way more often than not because of what was held back, even lied about. But they are the perfect balance and compliment each other well.

As far as the world goes – true to Sarah’s fashion, we learn more about the intricacies of the world, and how the two stories are weaved together was done perfectly. I loved getting more back story and history into the world, and learning more about the Krigere and Vasterutain’s. This world is a lot larger than we first learn about in The Impostor Queen. I will also say that this installment is a lot more… brutal. There’s a lot of death, which isn’t new for a Sarah book, it’s just, more. You see characters killing each other, character’s you may, or may not, grow to like, die.

Overall – I rather liked The Cursed Queen. While I do think it’s predecessor was a stronger novel as a whole, The Cursed Queen stands out on it’s own for sure. It has the perfect set up for book 3, and I cannot WAIT. Immerse yourself in this high stakes fantasy full of magic, intrigue and well  I highly recommend this series if you haven’t started it yet. Go forth and immerse yourself in this high stakes fantasy full of magic, intrigue and of course, all the swoons!



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10 thoughts on “High Stakes Fantasy Full of Magic & Intrigue // The Cursed Queen by Sarah Fine

  1. Karen Blue

    I still have yet to read The Imposter Queen, but it is high on my wishlist. This sounds like a great follow up. I can’t wait to get into this world. I didn’t know that Sarah Fine was your favorite author, but that does make for a huge recommendation. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Grace @Rebel Mommy Book Blog

    I am sad to say I haven’t read Sarah Fine yet. I hear so many great things but just haven’t gotten to her yet. Glad this was still good for you and hope book 3 is even better!

  3. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    I didn’t love this book quite as much as the first, but I think that’s mostly because I was expecting the story to continue more than it did and I kept waiting to see Ansa interact with characters from the first books (which she did, eventually, but not with the characters I was expecting and not in the ways I was expecting). Still, I think this was a perfect set-up for book three!

    1. tonyalee

      I agree. I think the plot was stronger here in the Cursed Queen, but the character development and relationships were better int he first, even though I love Ansa and Thyra. 🙂

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